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Our Products & Services

Pipeline Maintenance

Fominik Nigeria Limited offers a wide range of pipeline procurement / maintenance services. We supply pipes and pipe fittings, drill bits and all accessories. We also provide pipe design and modelling services .

Marine Equipment / Logistics

We offer a wide range of marine logistics services to our numerous clients. We have an array of barges, tug boats, crew boats, etc at our arsenal for efficient marine service delivery at all times

Engineering Services

Fominik Nigeria Limited offers a consortium of Qualified and experienced engineers who are very well Knowledgeable in engineering project design and development.

Fominik Nigeria Limited was originally incorporated in 18th June, 2004 and later upgraded to Fominik Nigeria Limited in March, 2010. It is privately owned and managed by Nigerians who have had years of quality experience in the repair, as well as sales and supply of Oil and Gas tools and equipments, heavy-duty equipments and spare parts to industries. With an array of experienced personnel in the capacity of staff or consultants, coupled with our years of experience in service delivery in our core concentrations, we have emerged as a the reliable name you can always count on in oil/marime service delivery. Our services include Pipeline Maintenance Services, Marine Equipment/Logistics, Civil/Mechanical Engineering, oil and gas field services, Electrical and Installation Services, Dredging/Drilling Services, Wireline Services and general procurement services.

Our long-term objective is to operate on a global basis. Knowledge of the industry coupled with excellent relationship with Original EquipmentManufacturers/Distributors abroad and our local Suppliers enable us to provide efficient and reliable services to clients.

Fominik Nigeria Limited is dedicated to providing quality and cost effective solutions to our numerous customers. We expedite action on customer enquiries and ultimately ensure prompt services to enhance delivery within the shortest possible time. Deliveries, mobilizations and demobilizations are guaranteed to be within mutually agreed dates and terms. We understand the essence of quality delivered timely in a safety-conscious fashion both in our services, and the products we supply. Hence delivery is always according to the customer's explicit specification(s). We desire demonstration of our capability and efficiency rather than say it. We are fast and easy.We will save your company time and money within best safety practices


Our corporate vision at Fominik Nigeria Limited is to be a World class company through innovative technology, enhanced service delivery and collaborative synergy. Our performance and reputation will be such that customers/clients will seek out our services. We are therefore driven by our determination to be the best at all levels of our operation. To be the reference point for true local content development in the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry.

We must at all times take excellence in operations personal by providing an efficient, cost effective and quality service delivery using sustainable technology for a safer healthier business environment. In order to understand, meet and exceed our customer's present and future needs for high quality, value for money, production and services, Fominik Nigeria Limited offers the following advantages:

  1. Competetive Pricing: We have been proven to be less expensive than most of our competitors as we do not overburden our bottom-line with unnecessary overhead.
  2. Tailor-Made Solutions: To develop the local indigenous knowledge, skills, creativity and potential of all our people and generate involvement, team work and pride in the relevant field.
  3. Credit Facility:Our clients enjoy limited credit facility for a period of time. This however depends on the agreement reached with the client.
  4. Risk management:Reduced risk through our extensive handling experience and sensitivity to everchanging National regulatory requirements and security issues, ensuring that client-specification is not compromised.

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