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Our Products & Services

Pipeline Maintenance

Fominik Nigeria Limited offers a wide range of pipeline procurement / maintenance services. We supply pipes and pipe fittings, drill bits and all accessories. We also provide pipe design and modelling services .

Marine Equipment / Logistics

We offer a wide range of marine logistics services to our numerous clients. We have an array of barges, tug boats, crew boats, etc at our arsenal for efficient marine service delivery at all times

Engineering Services

Fominik Nigeria Limited offers a consortium of Qualified and experienced engineers who are very well Knowledgeable in engineering project design and development.

Our HSE Policy

Maintaining the health, safety of all personnel, equipment, data and assets both for FNL and clients is our ultimate objective and reflects our commitment to promoting safe working practices throughout the petroleum industry. By striving to ensure that every employee receives relevant training, instruction, supervision and feedback we shall maintain a safe and secure working environment. Individual accountability includes adherence to acceptable conditions of fitness and work habit to perform assigned tasks. Through close teamwork, the application and respect of our Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Management systems we will continue to apply the highest practical standards and promote continual improvement throughout FNL.

Our management and staff are sensitive to these with the overriding objective of no harm to people, equipment or the environment. We constantly promote the right culture. Our commitment to Zero Lost Time Incidents has meant that uninterrupted process flow has become one of our primary objectives. Our control measures are designed to ensure risk is as low as reasonably practicable. This is achieved through the following

  1. Full involvement of all personnel through Fominik's operational excellence (i.e. A process of ownership and total quality management approach to all works.)
  2. Individual responsibility and accountability at every level.
  3. Continuous improvement by the application of safety policies and directives, monitoring, assessment and follow-up.

Leadership from the top will continue to be the bed rock of our health and safety commitment through:

  • Standardization of individual responsibility and accountability throughout our organization
  • Achieving targets and maintaining high standards throughout all departments.
  • Effective use, communication, feedback and optimization of information through Operational committees and team tool box meetings.
  • Optimizing personnel potential through our competency assurance system where quality and safety criteria will be used critically as key appraisal indicators.
  • Performance is monitored continuously in order to identify areas for improvement, abnormal behaviour and to put in place effective corrective actions.

Environmental Policy

The establishment and implementation of procedures that eliminate work-inflicted harm to the environment are all integral parts of our management system. Our top management is committed to building time-tested processes by identifying actions for future environmental performance improvement. FNL ensures the development of these value-added processes through Fominik's in-house programme, the involvement, training and motivation of all staff towards recognising the importance of actively promoting and maintaining an unpolluted environment through policies and procedures to safeguard the workplace from unintentional contamination. We believe that engendering an environment-sensitive workforce ensures that everyone remains vigilant during operations in order to minimize any potentially adverse environmental impact of its operations. Our managers, supervisors, operators and other employees at all levels shall apply and uphold all relevant laws, regulations and standards, minimize waste through recycling, re-use and reduction whenever possible, as well as ensure timely communication of observations, near-misses, and incidents

Security Policy

We understand that some direct consequences of insecurity are loss of business, operational time and different levels of financial assets. We carry out our operations with high sense of confidentiality over information, client data and intellectual properties at all times and maintain adequate security over the client's assets while working in their facilities. Our security details are always aligned to those of our clients while on deployment to their sites. We do not hesitate to report back to our client areas which in our opinion require a change or modification. FNL shall not take undue advantage of any customer-information that came our way in the course of carrying
out our assignment. Our staff has been detailed to work diligently, professionally and ethically at all times

Finally, management is aware that no matter how well written a policy is, it's implementation and success lies squarely on every individual worker's effort, therefore the cooperation of everyone is required to achieve the stated goals.

Mr.Fidelis Ominike,
Chairman/Managing Director

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